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Novacorr Healthcare had the extreme honor of being cordially invited to present our innovative, patent pending Huntington Disease Bed & Chair at the Annual European Huntington Association convention in Poland this year.

After much organization, arrangements were finally made and Company Director Keith Atkinson and his son Josh Atkinson boarded the plane taking the long journey to Warsaw, Poland. The convention was held at the ‘Golden Tulip Hotel’ situated in the centre of Warsaw and took place over a total of three days starting Friday September the 18th and ending Sunday the 20th 2015.

The convention was packed full of Huntington specific organizations whom had travelled from all over the world, ranging from America and Europe (countries such as Italy & Spain) to ourselves, all the way from the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

On Keith and Joshes first day in the Polish capital they got to know a few of the attendees whilst demonstrating the Huntington Disease products, and later in the day were reunited with Careline’s general manager Dennis (and introduced to) his sales consultant Fabian Tank.

Novacorr and Careline had previously met in Europe to discuss the HD products and a merger with the two companies had been made prior to the convention, with the intention of creating the opportunity for the Huntington products being distributed within Europe. Whilst discussing the two companies relationship and future prospects a member of the Belgian Youth Huntington’s tried out the Huntington’s creations and subsequently asked how quickly they would be able to purchase them in Europe. It was apparent from the offset that the HD products were much needed worldwide.

Over the course of the weekend Keith also had interest from the Huntington Associations from both Spain and Italy. Keith spoke at great length with the president of the Italian Huntington Association, Mrs Barbara D’Alessio (and her lovely Vice President husband) who both stated that they would love to arrange bed and chair trials in Italy!

The Huntington Association from Spain was also extremely interested in the products from a more personal point of view, they were thinking of their friends and families whilst testing and checking out the products. They too asked for a further presentation in Spain so they could present the bed and chair to government officials over there.

On the Saturday there was a luncheon with the European Huntington Association President, Bea Deshepper, her Vice President, Astri Arnesen and her husband, member at large, Mr Svein Olaf Olsen. Feedback from the Association was incredibly overwhelming and supportive; Mr Olsen exclaimed that although the Huntington bed was great (they explained they knew the bed was going to be great) the association was equally enamored with the Huntington chair. They thought the chair was fantastic and were extremely impressed with the product.

The President and Vice President continued their support by repeatedly clarifying that they would like the association to endorse our products in the near future.

Additionally, over the weekend Novacorr Healthcare donated the Huntington chair and the Huntington bed to the European Huntington Association – we were later informed that the bed would be sent to the ‘Lions Club’ in Brussells and the chair would be sent to the Belgium Huntington Disease Association.

The trip was overall, a very fulfilling, emotional and overwhelming one. The amount of support we received was truly wonderful and we hope that relationships made over the course of the visit will be longitudinal and beneficial for all parties.

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