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We are the Novacorr family.

the novacorr senior team

Keith and Nova Atkinson

Founders and Owners.

Keith and Nova have nurtured Novacorr since inception and despite their retirement, maintain and active interest not only in the progress of the business and continuous effort to improve our products, but also the broader health care sector. Novacorr will continue their legacy of innovation, compassion and genuine customer commitment.

Stuart Hill

General Manager.

Stuart brings considerable business experience from a diverse and successful career in manufacturing, innovation, customer oriented and business development. He actively oversees all activities across our business and insists on personally testing every chair we build.

Janelle Taylor

Accounts & HR Manager

“The tidiest person” in our business, Janelle attends to all the detail around accounts receivable and payable plus looks after each person in our business with a caring smile at all times.

the novacorr senior team

Sally-Anne Knight

Sales Manager

Sally’s passion is evident in her enthusiasm to work with OT, hospitals and care facilities to provide the human face of our business to the customer. She will demonstrate our product with pride but also compassion for the customer/patient to ensure the best possible care solution in each and every case. She knows our products and the combinations to achieve the perfect outcome.

David Mathias

Production Manager

David leads the manufacturing team for all our beds and chairs and insists that each be built with the same pride of design and passion to meet our surpass customer expectation. Meticulous attention to detail is his driver and he strives daily to convert that into quality and custom build for every product.

Stacie Barker

Warranty and Service Manager

Stacie will be your point of contact and champion for all aspects of product performance and recommended servicing. She will coordinate our field technicians and the factory to achieve any product tuning or attention to any aspect of concern or simply for a regular service schedule to ensure the longevity and performance of our products.

Tracey Mathias

Planning and Procurement Manager

Tracey is tasked to convert each product “prescription” into a complete manufacturing plan. Once all details are completed and confirmed correct, Tracey will coordinate the purchase of all bought in components to meet the production schedule. She is pivotal to our custom build process.

Ben Wilson

Healthcare Consultant

Ben is our quiet achiever; he will spend the time to demonstrate our products in the showroom or your home and listen… that will enable him to with your health professional or occupational therapist to carefully measure and record the precise details of your requirements be it for a bed or chair or both. He is an accredited natural care practitioner in his own right so he understands your situation and will ensure that we do too!

Paul Smith

R & D/ Field Service Manager

Paul has been with Novacorr for the long term and knows each of our products and their development in ultimate detail. He works alongside Stuart and David to improve our product as well as with Stacie to ensure our products perform reliably throughout the life.

Ellie Cotillard

Customer Service Assistant

Ellie is our little pocket dynamo, always a smile and without fail a desire to assist with information, book a trial or arrange a quotation. She will answer all questions or research solution to ensure our best efforts to exceed your expectation.

Ellie Myer

Marketing Assistant

We had one super Ellie so we thought two would be even better; this Ellie has the passion for design and driving our business profile so you can find us. She coordinates all aspects of our social media, marketing literature and graphic design.

Shannon Waldon

Administration Assistant

So much more than a Receptionist, Shannon will be your first contact and will direct you to the most appropriate person to assist your needs. She is also a competent trouble shooter and will likely call you to coordinate product deliveries and installations.

Factory Team

Our factory team encompasses a diverse group of capable folk who enjoy their work and take customer commitment very seriously. From metal fabrications, welders, woodworkers, to upholsterers, assemblers and delivery; we aim to be exceptional to one another; to the health professions and customers with whom we have such strong relationships; and finally, to the Healthcare Industry as a whole, we strive to uphold or surpass the highest standards. We will continue to strive to put ourselves in the position of our customers to fully appreciate their needs and set the expectation of our own performance.

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