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Hospital Beds

Getting good quality sleep is essential for your health, recovery, and wellbeing, and a high quality, completely adjustable hospital bed can ensure you get just that.

Our hospital beds can be a permanent solution or short-term remedial when a standard bed just can’t offer you the comfort, support or flexibility that you need. A great bed can assist you through a major medical procedure or a chronic condition. It will be adaptable to the needs of a variety of patients, making it perfectly suited for ward use.

Unlike other hospital ‘adjustable’ beds, with Novacorr hospital beds you can adjust the surface, the height, the sides, and more. The design can even incorporate additional accessories, in order to get you the sleep, the comfort and the functionality that you need.

Hilo Health Bed
Adjustable Health Bed
Dual Adjustable Health Bed
Bariatric Bed
Huntington’s Bed

Custom-Made Hospital Beds

Everyone is unique, and every bed should be unique as well. That’s why all of our products are handmade and custom designed for your specific circumstances, your lifestyle needs and even the layout of your home. We never mass produce products, but create the bespoke item you need with the strictest manufacturing requirements.

One-Size Doesn’t Fit Everyone!

We’ve spent years speaking to clients, carers, occupational therapists and other healthcare personnel and have learned of the devastating effects of sleep deprivation. These can include an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack and even stroke.

By bringing our industry knowledge, years of experience and passion to help our customers to the table, we’ll work with you to create the perfect bed or chair for your needs. Even if you receive the product, and it’s not quite perfect, we’ll happily work to fine tune it post-delivery. So you can be guaranteed you’ll get the product that’s right for you.

In Home and In Hospital

Hospital Beds for Home

Being at home is sometimes the best medicine. And our in-home hospital beds can ensure you do that easily and comfortably. We’ll work with you to design the perfect product so you get all the health benefits of a peaceful night’s sleep.

Our Australian-made hospital beds can be delivered and installed no matter where you are in the world. We even have beds designed for two in order to accommodate the separate needs of both you and your partner.

Hospital Beds for Wards

Our high-quality, fully-adjustable beds are designed to meet the needs of your busy ward. This includes general patient care, patients who are high-risk and those that are rehabilitating. Each bed is designed with patient comfort and health at the top of mind.

Our beds are easy-to-use and with features that reduce manual handling and increase efficiency, so that you can focus on doing what you do best – caring for patients.

Why Choose Novacorr

Industry Leader

At Novacorr we’re extremely proud to be industry leaders in Australian healthcare furniture. We’re also incredibly pleased to have developed wonderful, long-term relationships with leading hospitals within Queensland. We strive to be caring and responsive thereby becoming the preferred provider of hospital beds in the state across visitation facilities and home care.

Large-Scale Orders and One-Off Options

We can cater for you. Whether you need to set up an entire ward with new hospital beds, or are looking for an easy-lift chair for your aging parent, we can get you what you need with a minimum of fuss or hassle. We can also arrange installation and post-installation fine tuning at any time.

Excellent Customer Service

We don’t want to be a nameless, faceless overseas company. We want to work with you to get you the products that will help you live a better life and increase health and functionality. We care, so our customer service team is dedicated to providing that to you.

From the initial discussion around your needs to installation of your final product (and beyond!), we work with you to custom make your products and custom design a better life.

High End Construction

We use top-of-the-line components and a tested, robust construction process to ensure that you get a bed that is designed to last. Our hospital bed features include electronic controls, sleep surface adjustability, height, sides and position adjustability, back up batteries, wireless remotes and more. We don’t mass produce our products. Instead, each is custom made by our team team right here in the Sunshine Coast.

Developed for Your Needs

We’ve created our beds with patient comfort at top of mind, but also with the purpose of catering to the needs of hard working hospital staff. This includes committing hundreds of hours each year to research and development so we can provide in-home carers or hospitals with the products that make caring for patients easier while increasing their comfort and health.

Trusted Queensland Supplier

Based on the Sunshine Coast, all our products are made locally, in our Caloundra factory. Each one can be made to cater to any requirements, and comes with our guarantee of fitness for use and performance on all frames, motors and mechanisms. For your peace of mind, we offer post-sales services such as installation and fine tuning.

Our team is trusted by leading hospitals, occupational therapists, and local families to provide the products you need, when you need them.

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