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HiLo Health Bed – Electric Hospital Bed for Home

Discover Why HiLo are amongst the Best Hospital Beds for Home Use

Are you looking for fully adjustable, electric hospital beds for home use which are available in all sizes, ranging from a small single through to a dual king and a custom-sized design? And, do you want to test out your preferred hospital bed before buying it?  If so, you’ve come to the right healthcare bed company!

The Novacorr HiLo Bed delivers everything you could look for in an affordable, custom in-home hospital bed, making it absolutely perfect for home patient care.

You can transfer from a wheelchair in-and-out of bed much more easily by simply adjusting the height with the wireless remote control (no more wires hanging overhead to potentially disturb your sleep).

Plus, having a fully adjustable hospital bed at home makes everyday tasks, such as bathing, eating, and taking medication MUCH easier for a carer or family member to manage since the bed has been specifically designed to suit the person’s needs, regardless of their height, weight, or size.

All of our Novacorr beds are built to the highest standards, with Linak motors fitted across the entire range, from a small single HiLo Health Bed to a king size.

As you would expect, the HiLo bed is super comfortable and packed with great features which makes it very appealing for use as both an in-home hospital bed and a luxury bed. In fact, we’ve had many clients buy Hilo beds intending to use them as luxury beds for enahnced enjoyment reading and/or watching television.

What to Expect from HiLo Health Beds 

  • The back raise — you can adjust the head of the bed anywhere from lying flat to 90 degrees. This is ideal if you suffer from:
    • Back pain
    • Hip or knee problems
    • Breathing difficulties (including sleep apnoea, asthma, or emphysema)
    • GORD
    • Arthritis
  • You can easily adjust it to a sitting position to aid with getting in and out of bed.
  • The foot raise — you can bend at the knee or keep the whole leg elevated for better circulation. Perfect if you suffer from swollen legs/ankles because it allows your legs to be higher than your heart, which can also help with hip/knee pain and will help alleviate back pain.
  • Up to 3 different preset positions — you can set your sleeping position and bed transfer position so you don’t need to constantly adjust the settings. Likewise, if you are advised by your carer, doctor or occupational therapist to keep your legs or back elevated to a pre-determined height, that position can also be stored.

Please contact Novacorr Healthcare via the “Request Free Trial” and “Send an Enquiry” buttons at the top of this page to enquire further about this product, or to request a free in-home trial before purchasing to see if this HiLo bed is right for your needs.

Standard Hilo healthcare bed features include:

  • Hilo Function to cover all Occupational Health and Safety needs
  • Head and leg elevation to allow the user optimal comfort
  • Steel frame design (custom made in our factory)
  • Weight tested up to 400kg 
  • Heavy duty hospital grade motors
  • Multiple adjustable positions
  • Lockable hospital wheels
  • Foot and rail socks
  • Australian made and assembled
Novacorr Bed Sizes

*Height of standard beds vary on mattress choice

  • Gel Liquid Mattress 
  • Bariatric Mattress
  • Medium Pressure Reduction Mattress
  • High Pressure Reduction Mattress
  • Custom Made Mattress (prices may vary)

Optional HiLo healthcare bed extras include:

  • Massage
  • Side Rails (may vary)
  • Overhead Poles
  • Side Support Rail
  • Valances
  • LCD Down Light
  • Hospital Wheels
  • Head and Foot Boards
  • Waterproof Anibacterial Breathable Mattress Protector
  • Straps
  • Bluetooth (to allow connectivity to hand control App for both Apple & Android)

Why risk poor quality? Try before you buy!

What our Novacorr Customers Say

Novacorr were extremely helpful when I was arranging an electric bed and pressure mattress for one of my clients.
Sarah MacIntyre

Novacorr and their team are one of the most client-centred organisations that I have worked with in the last decade.
Nichole Warner

The new bed is great! Warwick is so proud of his new bed and really loves it!
Lois Johnson

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