Novacorr’s Bariatric Chairs are custom-built to the specifications of each individual client.

If you’re looking for a standard small, medium or large chair, you’ve come to the wrong place – as our friendly, professional team takes comfort to a whole new level. Specifically designed for you and your own personal health issues, our team incorporates measurements of your feet, legs, hips and back height when the chair is made – for a perfect fit.

Offering superior comfort and improved lifestyle, regardless of your physical requirements, Novacorr chairs will ensure there is no discomfort and no incorrect pressure areas. Having your own custom-made chair reduces the risk of shoulder strains and hip displacement, while helping to alleviate circulation problems and water retention.

Novacorr’s chairs are unlike any other Bariatric chair, they are built to stay in a seated position as they recline. This allows for the client’s feet to be elevated to a position whereby they are parallel with the heart. This will automatically help reduce swelling of the feet and legs, while boosting circulation. When the chairs are reclined, they have a break in the knee area, so when a client is lying down their knees are not locked at any point. A second motor can also be fitted, which essentially turns the chair into a sleeping chair. The second motor enables the user to alter the back position without having to change the location of their legs.

Built to hold the weight of up to 400kg, this chair is made for comfort and longevity.

At Novacorr we consider ourselves to be problem solvers. If you have a request for anything specific to your chair let us know and we will do our best to make it work for you. Remember no one person is built the same and one size does not fit all!

Standard features include:

  • Marine ply chair frame
  • Linak and Dewert Motors being the leading electric actuator/motors manufacturers in the world
  • Dunlop commercial grade memory foams
  • Commercial grade webbing
  • Choice of Warwick, Windsor or Profile Fabrics
  • Emergency battery back-up
  • Commercial grade Dacron for extra comfort in the back rest
  • Removable arm covers, neck cushion and seat overlay helps extend the life of your chair
  • Side pockets for the convenience of placing items close
  • Reinforced steel mechanism
  • Weight tested to 400kg

Your standard choices include:

  • Fabric selection
  • Wing to be straight, half moon or elephant
  • Padding to be soft, medium or firm
  • Skinny, standard or chubbo arms
  • Bariatric option A – weight limit of up to 150kg
  • Bariatric option B – weight limit of up to 200kg
  • Bariatric option C – weight limit of up to 350kg
  • Bariatric option D – weight limit of up to 400kg

Option extras include:

  • Massage
  • Wheels
  • Hand Rail
  • Latex Seating
  • Extra covers
  • Waterproof overlay
  • Pressure prevention seating/overlay
  • Leather upgrade

We require certain measurements to begin a custom make of a chair. Please supply the following on purchase as per the diagram below:

Why risk poor quality? Try before you buy!

What Our Customers Say

Novacorr were extremely helpful when I was arranging an electric bed and pressure mattress for one of my clients.

Sarah MacIntyre

Novacorr and their team are one of the most client-centred organisations that I have worked with in the last decade.

Nichole Warner

The new bed is great! Warwick is so proud of his new bed and really loves it!

Lois Johnson

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