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Updated 21 February 2022.

While you might think that an injury or underlying medical condition are the primary causes of regular back pain, absolutely anyone can experience back pain which can be caused by poor posture and the strain of our daily activities. Sitting, standing, and sleeping the wrong way can trigger back pain or worsen back pain for those who already suffer from it.

When we sleep, we often put unnecessary strain and pressure on our most vulnerable areas, including our backs. The wrong mattress, the wrong position, or the wrong angle can exacerbate back pain without you ever knowing what’s causing the problem.

That’s why utilising an adjustable bed is one of the best ways to alleviate chronic back pain, as well as back pain associated with an injury, surgery recovery, or medical condition. Adjustable beds allow you to find the support and positioning that’s right for you, completely transforming the way you sleep or relax and, in turn, relieving any unnecessary strain on your back that might cause you additional pain.

There is an adjustable bed that’s right for everyone. With a little effort, you can find the perfect bed for you and be well on your way to back pain relief.


Woman lies comfortably on an adjustable bed in a bedroom with the head and feet of the bed raised.


How Can an Adjustable Bed Help With Back Pain?

For those experiencing back pain, experts recommend sleeping or lying down in a position that elevates your body in some way. This can mean sleeping on an incline, elevating your feet, or placing a pillow under your abdomen. When we adjust our positioning, it relieves strain on our joints and muscles, which can dramatically reduce the pain we experience.

Each person has a unique sleeping alignment. Good sleeping alignment means not only better sleep, but back pain relief through just a few modifications to the way we normally sleep.


Benefits of sleeping on an incline

Extra support under the knees takes pressure off the spine. Upper body incline combined with elevated knees supports the natural curve of the spine, stimulates better circulation, and even reduces inflammation. Sleeping on an incline can help keep your spine properly aligned no matter what position you prefer to sleep or lie down in.

Adjustable health beds come in a wide range of sizes and offer multiple levels of support, including a back raise that can adjust the head of the bed anywhere from flat to 90 degrees so you’re well supported at any angle. The foot raise also allows you to elevate your legs in a completely raised position, improving circulation and helping with leg, knee, hip, or back pain.


Beds with better back support

While you can use pillows to prop up your neck, upper body, or knees, you’re likely to shift away from your supported position while you sleep. Pillows also provide an uneven amount of support that can actually lead to further discomfort if used for prolonged periods of time. An adjustable bed offers consistent and reliable support, ensuring your back is fully supported and that you’re fully comfortable no matter how long you choose to recline. Consistent back support can make a huge difference in daily life, lessening the impact of chronic back pain and improving your rest.


Adjustable beds can provide joint relief

Adjustable beds also offer better support for those with spinal disorders, arthritis, and other joint pain by reducing joint compression and relieving tension from pressure points throughout the body. Adjustable beds allow you to perfectly shape the bed to your specifications, relieving pressure at key points and providing support where you need it most. Lying flat on a regular mattress causes undue strain on the spine, joints, legs, and neck, which can often create or worsen pain in these areas.


A woman and man lay on dual adjustable beds raised to a seated position. The woman is holding with a child wearing outfit.


How Does Back Pain Affect Mobility?

Back pain can make even the smallest task difficult. Back pain often means waking up stiff and uncomfortable. The more you move throughout the day, the worse it can get until you end up right back where you started when it’s time to go to bed at night.

If back pain is impacting your mobility either on its own or in conjunction with another condition, adjustable beds are an accessible and affordable option. They offer at-home care and ease of function. When getting out of bed, adjusting positions, or laying down on your own is difficult, many people find electrical adjustable beds can offer much needed freedom and flexibility. Not only do adjustable beds offer relief from back pain, they provide a way to better cope with back pain and make life a little easier.

Adjustable beds come with a remote that allows you to control the bed, enabling you to get up and down and adjust your position with little to no effort on your part. This is especially helpful and functional for those who might be transferring from a wheelchair to bed or for those who have caretakers who might require a little extra assistance with movement and transitions.

Making these transitions easier means reducing the overall amount of pain a person is in. When simple tasks become difficult, we put unnecessary strain on parts of the body that are already hurting us! Adding an adjustable bed to your home seeks not only to eliminate the back pain you might be experiencing, but eliminate the cause of it, as well.

For those with unique needs or special care considerations, custom hospital beds for care either at home or in a hospital can ensure your specific circumstances are completely catered to. Hospital beds can be created with any specific person in mind, regardless of weight, height, size, or requirements.


Features of Adjustable Beds That Relieve Back Pain

There are a variety of adjustable beds and each comes with unique features. Some can even be fully customized to your exact specifications.

Still, there are a few basic components of every adjustable bed that are specifically designed for back pain relief or maximum freedom and flexibility.


Adjustable bed positions

There’s more to adjustable beds than just sitting up or lying down. If you plan to use your bed for reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing, adjustable beds offer complete flexibility so that you can customize the way you choose to relax. Raise and lower your feet or raise your head anywhere from flat to 90 degrees all at the touch of a button. Relieving back pain means finding the position that’s perfect for you.


Preset positions

Most adjustable beds come with up to three preset positions so that you can program in your preferred sleeping position or any position you find comfortable or useful. If you have a caregiver, doctor, or therapist that recommends your back or legs are raised to a specific height, you can program that in, as well. If you have a specific position that’s easiest for transitioning in and out of bed, an adjustable bed can remember that position for you, too! The less you have to think about how you have to adjust your bed, the easier your life and the lower the strain on your body, overall.


Dual adjustable beds

If you live with a partner who has different sleeping needs, dual adjustable beds are available so that each side of the bed operates independently. This means each person can take care of their own specific back relief needs without disrupting each other.


Finding Back Pain Relief

By allowing your body to rest at an incline and providing support under the knees, an adjustable bed gives your spine the support it requires to relieve back pain, offer maximum comfort, and ensure a good night’s sleep.

For anyone who finds sitting in a chair uncomfortable, who has difficulty sleeping due to back pain, or who has specific health conditions affecting their spine or back, an adjustable bed can mean the difference between disruptive back pain and finding relief.


If you’re not sure which adjustable bed is right for you, let us guide you through the process and help you begin your journey toward back pain relief.

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