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The Benefits of an Adjustable Bed.

To explain how an adjustable bed can benefit an individual, it is necessary to compare an adjustable bed to an ordinary bed.

The primary benefit of an adjustable bed is that it allows accurate positioning which permits a natural curvature of the vertebrae for the duration of sleep.
An ordinary bed does not allow the body to maintain the correct position necessary to rejuvenate the body during sleep, as sleeping on a flat service amplifies the strain on the muscles and joints.

An adjustable bed enables your muscles to recuperate during sleep as the bed is customized to support various areas of the body.

Another weakness of the conventional bed is their lack of ability to equally allocate pressure over the complete surface. This lack of even pressure distribution results in an increased strain on the heart by forcing it to work harder in order to take valuable oxygen to the body via the blood stream. The use of an adjustable bed would combat this issue as the ability to adjust the sleep surface to positions that decrease strain on the heart and encourages appropriate circulation.

The more serious health implications that may arise whilst using a regular bed include, back pain, apnea & snoring, digestion, swelling & circulation.

Sub implications consist of neck/shoulder strain, minor aches/pains, pain from arthritis, asthma and other breathing problems, acid reflux, swollen legs or feet, back/neck pain, osteoarthritis, lack of joint mobility and heart problems.

Back Pain

An adjustable bed allows you to rest in a position that more accurately matches the contours of your body therefore preventing conditions such as sciatica. It achieves this by supporting the base of the spine and keeping the spine aligned in order to avoid trapping nerves and assists those that are currently lodged.

At the same time by having a slight incline you can keep some of the pressure from your back that causes compression during the night. This is also helpful in preventing yourself from waking up and causing grievance to your self while the spine is most susceptible. An adjustable bed also makes the use of multiple pillows redundant, therefore preventing back, neck and shoulder strain.

Apnea and Snoring

The primary reason a person snores is due to the weight of the neck on your windpipe whilst sleeping, by simply propping yourself upright a little using an adjustable bed, it is possible to modify the course of gravity so that it no longer blocks your windpipe.

Additionally, Sleep apnea is another, slightly different breathing condition were a person wakes up at unsystematic points throughout the night due to breathing suddenly stopping. This not only breaks up sleep but can also be life threatening if a person stops breathing for too long. An adjustable bed won’t help all types of sleep apnea but it can have a positive outcome on some forms of obstructive apnea.


Medical professionals state that if you can position yourself at the recommended 6 inches tilt whilst in bed a few hours after eating, it will aid and encourage a healthy digestion.

Being slightly upright is highly beneficial for your digestion as it helps your body to process food during the night; this not only helps with digestion but also with other stomach issues such as reflux and overnight heartburn.

Swelling and Circulation

If you have bad circulation due to diabetes or other medical conditions and are prone to swelling, doctors will advise you to elevate limbs to prevent and ease pain. People who are generally on their feet all day are also likely to be victims of this type of ailment. With the use of an adjustable bed bad circulation is prevented. Elevating legs slightly will not only make an individual feel much better but can also help combat other bad circulation conditions such as varicose veins, which are formed when blood pools in the lower limbs.

An adjustable bed can be set up so that the foot of the bed is on an incline, thus sending blood back towards the rest of the body. Not only will this improve blood flow and increase circulation but it will also make it much easier to sleep comfortably.

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