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We are the Novacorr family.

Meet the family behind the company

Nova Atkinson


With over 30 years experience in the healthcare industry in both manufacturing and sales, Nova is a wealth of knowledge for all things custom healthcare. From her beginnings as a teenager manufacturing slings in the UK to launching Novacorr in 2009, Nova’s drive to assist those in need is second to none.

A true people person, Nova’s dedication to her clients is what Novacorr have built their values around and continues to be the backbone of the business moving forward.

Keith Atkinson


A born problem solver, Keith has been a driving force behind product development and innovation at Novacorr. The mastermind behind our world renowned Huntingtons Bed and Chair, Keith’s drive to help those in need stems from his own experience with debilitating injury.

A professional rugby player for 16 years, Keith’s experience with successive back fractures in the 88 and 89 season gives him a unique insight into the struggles that a lot of our clients face on a daily basis.

Sally-Anne Knight

Sales Manager

Daughter of Keith and Nova, Sally is one of the founding members of Novacorr and heads up the sales team. Sally’s passion for building meaningful long term relationships has been pivotal in creating a great network. Whether its Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists or direct to families, our clients rely on Sally’s extensive knowledge and genuine care to ensure they get the right result.

An avid traveller, Sally also works tirelessly to continue to develop the brand overseas and when she is lucky, she gets to take her husband Marcus and Daughter Lily along for the Adventure!

Marcus Knight

Production Manager

Continuing the Novacorr Family tradition, Marcus (Sally-Anne’s Husband) heads up the design, production and R&D teams at Novacorr. Marcus plays a key role within the business as the conduit between the sales team and the client.

Marcus thrives on being able to turn each clients individual requirements into fully functioning, purpose built equipment designed to improve quality of life. Marcus’ attention to detail and deep understanding of industry standards also make him an invaluable resource for our service and repairs department.

Our passion is helping our clients

Novacorr is a family-owned and operated company with clients from not only Australia but also Canada, USA and Europe. Our passion is to help clients find solutions for their everyday needs. That may well be as easy as custom designing a bed.

Novacorr will continue to invest hundreds of man-hours each year in research and development, which has helped build our reputation throughout the healthcare industry. We see ourselves as problem solvers and work with Occupational and Physiotherapists on a daily basis. Working with spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, and bariatric clients and have developed products for people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, Muscular Dystrophy and Motor Neuron Disease.

Novacorr Healthcare’s passion to help has benefited our growing list of clients.

Novacorr Healthcare also build luxury in home health beds and chairs for clients with conditions such as back pain, hip and knee problems, reflux, sleep apnea and breathing conditions such as asthma. We have a policy of one size does not fit everyone; therefore we build the bed to fit you and your surroundings. Novacorr Healthcare operates an online store where customers can view and purchase both Novacorr custom made products and independent living items. We also offer an in-home trial service where products can be tested. Novacorr Healthcare, empathetic, passionate, authentic!

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