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Novacorr is a family-owned and operated company with clients from not only Australia but also Canada, USA and Europe. Our passion is to help clients find solutions for their everyday needs. That may well be as easy as custom designing a bed.

Novacorr will continue to invest hundreds of man-hours each year in research and development, which has helped build our reputation throughout the healthcare industry. We see ourselves as problem solvers and work with Occupational and Physiotherapists on a daily basis. Working with spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, and bariatric clients and have developed products for people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, Muscular Dystrophy and Motor Neuron Disease. Novacorr Healthcare’s passion to help has benefited our growing list of clients.

Novacorr Healthcare also build luxury in home health beds and chairs for clients with conditions such as back pain, hip and knee problems, reflux, sleep apnea and breathing conditions such as asthma. We have a policy of one size does not fit everyone; therefore we build the bed to fit you and your surroundings. Novacorr Healthcare operates an online store where customers can view and purchase both Novacorr custom made products and independent living items. We also offer an in-home trial service where products can be tested. Novacorr Healthcare, empathetic, passionate, authentic!

Authentic Thinking, Empathetic Living

Novacorr Healthcare is authentic in our thinking, manufacturing equipment that is not like the others…. We build equipment to suit our clients individual needs and wants. We are empathetic in our everyday living, using our own and family experiences throughout the company to allow our customers to grasp our feeling of understanding and knowledge.

Meet the Novacorr Family

Nova Atkinson


Nova has worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years in both manufacturing and sales. Starting her working life as teenager manufacturing slings in the UK to launching Novacorr in 2009. Nova has built up a wealth of experience and is always happy to assist.

Nova is very much a people person and the backbone of Novacorr and despite her own ongoing health issues always puts her client’s interests first.

Keith Atkinson


Keith is a former professional Rugby League player in the UK Super League. During his 16-year career he was once described as Britain’s unluckiest sportsman because of the number of times he was injured. Keith fractured his back in both 1988 and 1989 that resulted in him undergoing 12 rounds of surgeries.

Keith’s passion is problem solving and loves to develop new products including the Novacorr Huntingtons Bed and Chair.

Sally-Anne Knight

Operations Manager

Sally is one of the original members of the team and is Novacorr’s Operations Manager. Sally has been responsible for introducing new business practice in both administration and distribution. She has also been pivotal in helping Novacorr develop brand and product image in Canada and the USA.

Sally, like Mum Nova is a people person and enjoys visiting clients and loves to problem solve.

Josh Atkinson

Research and Development Manager

Despite his tender age Josh has worked in every department at Novacorr eventually settling into his role as Research and Development Manager.

He has played a major role in the development of Novacorr’s Huntingtons Bed and chair and represented Novacorr at the 2016 European Huntington Conference in Poland where he showed the products on stage before an audience of several hundreds.

Marcus Knight

Production Supervisor

In his role of Production Supervisor Marcus’s main focus is to synergies the relationship between sales and the client’s. It is his responsibility to listen and then deliver the required product to the right client.

Marcus also overseas the service department ensuring any repair is dealt ASAP and within the industry guidelines.

Molly Chandler


Novacorr are extremely fortunate to have acquired the services of Molly as an Advisor for Novacorr Healthcare.

Working alongside Sally, Molly’s skills have ensured Novacorr have gained the correct certificates that enable us to export to Europe and North America.

Client Testimonials

I would like to thank you. From the moment I began talking to you about Randall’s needs you have been so professional and attentive to what he and I wanted. As you know we recently received the Huntington’s chair and bed from you. The difference the chair has made for him is amazing. His movements have decreased by 100%. A carer who looks after Randall said he couldn’t believe the difference in his movements. His words were “ this chair is the best of the best.” He is so calm and relaxed in the bed it gives me such peace of mind knowing how happy and safe he is. Thank you again so much. Keith I would also like to thank you for dismantling Randall’s old bed and doing my vacuuming!

Valerie Payne

The adjustable bed you made for me has been a hugely successful addition to my life.For twenty years I have become progressively weakened by loss of muscle due to Motor Neurone Disease, and have had to use many aids to mobility to have some quality of life. When I contacted Novacorr, I could not have expected such a heartening response. Keith, your knowledge and understanding of MND and its effects was a revelation. Your interest in my individual circumstances was first-rate. Your empathy and enthusiasm was exceptional. Your follow-up was diligent. My living in NSW whereas Novacorr is based in Brisbane was literally not a problem. I was impressed with the attention to detail in consultations during the process and yours and Sally-anne’s commitment to producing exactly the options I needed. The icing on the cake? A complicated delivery arrangement to fit in with our moving into a new home was achieved with no fuss.

Magaret Free

We luckily found Novacorr when searching the Internet for Recliner/Lift chairs. As you now know we already had one chair for June and wanted a second chair for Bruce. It is now proven, a very wise decision was made to look at your custom made chairs, of which we now have one each, (June’s old chair is now redundant). A superior design and quality lift mechanism is clearly evident when compared to all other available brands stocked in stores, and the individual ‘made to measure’ size has resulted in extremely comfortable, practical, easy to operate chairs. Use of the Novacorr chair and adjustable Novacorr bed has resulted in dramatic reduction of long term swelling of June’s legs and feet and associated pain. The service and attention received from all Novacorr staff since our initial contact has been excellent and we wholeheartedly recommend Novacorr Sunshine Coast to anyone contemplating purchases of this nature. The quality and design benefits greatly exceed the nominal increase in cost comparisons. Thank you for fine products.

Bruce and June Willis

Novacorr were extremely helpful when I was arranging an electric bed and pressure mattress for one of my clients. They were very flexible with allowing him to trial various products to ensure that he got the most suitable products to suit his needs. I will definitely be using their services again.

Sarah MacIntyre - Occupational Therapist | Anglicare Southern Queensland

Novacorr and their team are one of the most client-centred organisations that I have worked with in the last decade. Novacorr’s commitment to high quality, responsive service are the reason that I approached them to support me in meeting the equipment needs of my complex clients.

Nichole Warner - Practice Manager Occupational Therapist | Coastal Therapy Services

This bed is the best thing that I ever purchased since being diagnosed with mnd, i didn’t want an ordinary hospital bed because i wanted my space and i didn’t want people to feel like they were visiting me in an environment where they would look at me and feel sorry for me. My nurses find it so much easier to do their service and my husband and i enjoy the massage options. I highly recommend Novacorr because they are not like the other companies i called when i was looking for my bed, they actually took the time to ask me about my illness and what my needs were! They are very kind and loving and i do believe they have passion for what they do. Thank you guys so much i don’t know what i would’ve done without your help.

Tanya Mason - Sydney, NSW

The new bed is great! Warwick is so proud of his new bed and really loves it. He is enjoying being so much more comfortable, and I am enjoying seeing him appear so much more comfortable too. Thank you, to you and the team, for getting his bed all sorted and delivered so quickly, professionally and efficiently.

Lois Johnson

Thank you for your time, your understanding and compassion today with regards to my soul destroying back and hip pain and my husband’s sleep apnoea and sore legs/feet. Your honesty and down to earth sense of humour (as well as having a quality product of course lol) are what made us decide to go with Novacorr – plus my husband could relate to you more than he could the other bed specialist.

L Burswood - Aspley, QLD

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