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Novacorr Healthcare is the finest name for adjustable beds in Australia!

Novacorr is a person centric company who always has the customer’s best interest at heart. All of our products are 100% Australian made and manufactured according to your individual needs. We as a team pride ourselves on being the number one company delivering the best quality and comfort in all of our products, from tilt & lift chairs to electric beds in Australia.

Novacorr Healthcare not only manufactures authentic custom made electric adjustable beds, we additionally manufacture our very own custom made tilt & lift chairs too! So whether you require a more comfortable arrangement whilst sat watching your favourite television show or you are desperately searching for an electric bed that aids you in the perfect nights sleep, we are the company for you!

On top of being a customer centric business, we are also an innovative team with a passion for assisting those with special requirements. We currently have a line of bariatric products (including chairs and beds withstanding a weight of 350 kg) and have recently advanced on our hospital beds and tilt & lift chairs to develop a patent pending Huntington’s Disease bed and Huntington’s Disease chair. This healthcare development will be a huge relief and support for not only the owner but the family and carers as well. We are humbled knowing that we have become Australia’s number one supplier for people suffering from this saddening disease.

Here at Novacorr Healthcare, we have tilt & lift chairs and adjustable beds for disabled clients, for the elderly and for people who simply enjoy reading or watching TV in person specific comfort. Whether you require an adjustable bed for health or professional reasons, or you’re making an informed lifestyle choice, our qualified friendly team can help you find the most suitable design for your needs.


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